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Get To Know Us

My Love for scooters started in 1980 after seeing over 40 members of the Waterford faces scooter club pass me by on their way back form a scooter run , the sight of these lads on their scooters with girlfriends on the back with their hair blowing in the wind and the sun dancing off the scooters chrome accessories just blew me away and led me on a path of no return. 

Dave power , Owner Powers Garage

In search of vespa

Over the 1980s and 90s I trained as a motor mechanic and a panel beater / spray painter , this combined with my love of scooters led me to start this business in 2001 , It has brought me far and wide across Europe in search of these beloved machines and I have made many friends and contacts along the way.

Not only a business but A Way of Life....

Dave Power , Owner Powers Garage

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